Kanye West Allegedly Threatening Kim Kardashian’s Custody As Revenge For Pete Davidson Fling, Unreliable Insider Claims

How does it work Kanye West feel about Kim Kardashian’s budding romance with Pete Davidson? One report says he’s so upset that he’s threatening to take sole custody of their children. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kanye Freaks As Kim Cuddles ‘Punk’ Pete!

According to the GlobeKardashian dating Davidson is causing West great dismay. He’s allegedly threatening to make their custody battle messy as a form of revenge. A source says, “Kim has bent over backward to respect Kanye’s feelings and insecurities, which is a big reason why she’s playing down this thing with Pete.” Despite her efforts to keep things secret, photos have exposed the fling to the world.

“Kanye says he’ll be damned if a ‘punk’ like Pete Davidson is coming anywhere near his children or the woman he’s still legally married to,” an insider reveals. Kardashian is not afraid to spend a lot of money on lawyers. An insider concludes, “She’s prepared to stand up to Kanye and his bullying ways, and she’ll continue to see Pete as much as she likes. This is her life!”

Kanye West Is Not Happy

This is a prime example of tabloid trickery. It uses a morsel of truth, West’s bitter gaze at his ex-wife’s new romance, and spins it out of control. Kardashian and West have an unambiguous prenup so it shouldn’t get messy. They’re also still quite close, attending each other’s concerts and SNL gigs respectively.

Despite this, West is clearly unhappy. He said that he still considers Kardashian his wife. E!According to reports, he wants her reconsider the divorce. Considering he asked her to wear a wedding dress at his concert, he’s still working through some stuff. West has always spoken his mind, but there’s no hint that he’s going to destroy his family over Davidson.

Other Tall Tales

The Globe once claimed West wanted to clone himself, but he’s never expressed an interest in immortality. It’s also attacked his body with weight-shaming stories galore. It’s always been more interested in attacking West rather than telling an accurate story.

Its ongoing coverage of divorce has been, at best, questionable. It reported that West didn’t think Kardashian had the guts to get divorced. He may be in denial, but the “Wake Up Mr. West” singer hasn’t publicly insulted Kardashian’s courage. With a reputation this bad, it’s impossible to trust this story.