Kansas Lawmaker Under Fire After Imposing Dress Code For Female Testifiers

January 25, 2016Jan 25, 2016

Kansas senator Mitch Holmes is under a firestorm of attacks after issuing a dress code for female testifiers who addressed bills after he became concerned that too many of the women were dressing provocatively.

According to FOX News, the dress code restricted miniskirts and low-cut necklines but did not specify a permissible length. Holmes says that establishing a hard-and-fast rule was not his intention.


He explains, "It's one of those things that's hard to define. Put it out there and let people know we're really looking for you to be addressing the issue rather than trying to distract or bring eyes to yourself."

Homes' dress code did not include any guidelines for men because he felt that indecency had not been a problem with males who were testifying.

This past week, Holmes was rebuked by fellow lawmakers — especially women — on both sides of the aisle for imposing instructions they felt were outdated, discriminatory, vague, and downright strange.

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley commented, "Coming from a man, I think it's important that women are supported in the choices that they make for themselves."

Do you think Homes is making a good point, or do you think he's out of line?