NFL Star Shocks Fans with Unexpected Announcement After Severe Injuries, Requests Prayers

July 02, 2018Jul 02, 2018

On Sunday, July 1st football fans were shocked when NFL star Kameron Chancellor, 30, unexpectedly announced his retirement. Off the field, the former Seattle Seahawks safety is very well-known for his strong Christian faith.

In an emotional Twitter post on Sunday afternoon, Chancellor revealed that “God gave him a sign” to leave the game of football. This shocking announcement comes after a series of severe injuries for the star football player.

“I always prayed to God and told myself that I would play this game of football until the wheels fall off. Well, the wheels didn’t fall off, but God has given me a sign that I just can’t ignore,” Chancellor told his fans.

“I’ve played through all times of bruises and injuries at a high level. But this one, I just can’t ignore. When the doctors told me what was going on in November, I could feel my heart drop to my stomach,” he said. “The stiffness in my neck and the images that I saw had me at one of my lowest points as a man because football is all I knew outside of serving the Lord. To walk away from the game by choice is one thing, to walk away from the game because of the risk of paralysis is another.”

According to ESPN, Chancellor suffered a neck injury last season. In his new statement, the former safety revealed that his final test “showed no healing.”

“God has blessed me with an amazing opportunity to show the world my gifts he has given me, and my heart to love everyone and everything,” Chancellor continued. “Not everyone and everything has loved me back, but through the grace of God I have been able to see the good in it all...If it weren’t for everybody God placed upon me on this journey I wouldn’t be the man (Ballplayer) I am today.”

Citing Galatians 5:14 and emphasizing his love for people, the NFL star admitted that he is unsure how God will use him in his next chapter, but he’s anxious for the journey.

“We are all brothers and sisters through Christ and we were called to work together,” he added. “Let’s not forget that...Thank you again for all of the support and love from everyone all over. Good or bad it’s all received with love. Time for the next chapter. Lord take the wheel.”

Additionally, Chancellor requested prayers. There is uncertainty about the head injuries he suffered during his eight seasons of playing professional football but, regardless, he “knows his God is stronger.”

Read his full statement below:

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