2020 Presidential Candidate Gets Flak After Openly Supporting to Legalize Marijuana: 'It Gives People Joy'

February 11, 2019Feb 11, 2019

The Democratic Senator of California, 54-year-old Kamala Harris, recently launched her 2020 presidential campaign in her hometown of Oakland, California. Harris has already gained a lot of attention given that she is only the second African-American woman to get elected to the U.S. Senate and has even been compared to former president Barack Obama throughout her political career, reported The Guardian.

However, Harris’ controversial remarks in a recent interview sparked heavy criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. The Democratic Senator openly expressed her support for legalizing marijuana, which allegedly contradicts her stance on the issue in 2014 when she ran for re-election as California attorney general, according to CNN.

In 2014 she said her Republican opponent Ron Gold was “entitled to his opinion," when asked about the legalization of marijuana — appearing to disagree with his stance. But, Harris clearly stated in the 2019 interview that “we need to legalize marijuana.”

Although Harris avoided a question about legalizing the drug federally, she noted that she believes weed gives people “joy.”

"[Marijuana] gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy," the 2020 presidential candidate announced.

Much of the public was offended by Harris' comments. Democrats and Republicans alike hit Harris with flak for insinuating that true joy comes from smoking pot. Even a number of liberals who are in favor of legalizing marijuana criticized Harris; pro-cannabis individuals often support legalization for medicinal purposes. 

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