Kamala Harris Fails to Name Single Policy that Makes Her Different from Other Dem. Candidates While on Jimmy Kimmel

March 20, 2019Mar 20, 2019

Kamala Harris is currently running for President of the United States. The Senator from California is doing everything she can to secure the nomination from the Democratic Party.

If Harris does indeed secure the nomination, she faces a tough task in unseating a sitting U.S. President. Donald Trump has vowed to beat anyone who opposes him in the next election.

In an effort to raise awareness for her campaign, Harris sat down with Jimmy Kimmel. However, it was truly an embarrassing moment. Kimmel asked her what sets her apart from her fellow Democrats and Harris couldn't really name one policy that makes her different.

“There are a lot of people running for the Democratic nomination and you mostly agree on things. Would you say that’s fair?” Kimmel asked. “So how are you different from — I mean obviously besides from being yourself and your background, but as far as policy goes, as far as a plan goes, how are you different?” Kimmel followed. “Because, for me, what I need to figure out is, ‘Okay, there’s a lot of people here.’ How do you distinguish?”

This is the moment things got ugly for Harris. She rambled on without answering the question.

“That’s fair … Obviously, it’s going to be a long campaign and all of us will, you know, have opportunities to speak and the voters will learn more and obviously, voters ultimately will make the decision,” Harris said. “I think one of the distinctions is, um … I have a background in having been a leader and I think that the voters are going to decide who will be the next commander in chief and president of the United States based on experience of leading. I have led on a local government level, state government, and now federal government."

She concluded by making some vague statements and saying she was going to be a "fighter" against Donald Trump. The clip has now gone viral.

"I was the District Attorney in San Francisco, I was the Attorney General in California, where I led an office of almost 5,000 people, and now obviously in the United States Senate,” she said.

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