Study Reveals That Famously Healthy Food Could Actually Be Dangerous

Kale is the most popular healthy food. But a new report says Kale might not actually be healthy, reported CNBC.

According to the Environmental Working Group, Kale is one of 11 fruits and vegetables that are “dirty.”

They rank the 12 produce items with the highest pesticide residues. To determine the list, the group analyzes data from regular produce testing by the Department of Agriculture.

Below kale are strawberries, spinach and nectarines.

“We were shocked that kale had so much pesticides on its,” Alexis Temkin, EWG Toxicologist, stated in a release.

More than 92 per cent of kale contained residues from at least two pesticides after being washed and peeled.

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“Some had as much as 18 mg.” “Some had up to 18.

The group also released its “Clean Fifteen”, a list that highlights 15 produce items with the lowest pesticide residue. It includes sweet corn, pineapples and frozen sweet peas.

According to the report organic produce should be purchased whenever possible to avoid pesticides. These recommendations don’t discourage consumers from eating organic vegetables if they cannot afford them.

Carla Burns, EWG Research Analyst said that the health benefits of a diet rich with fruits and vegetables far outweigh the pesticide exposure risks in a press release.