Kaepernick Says He Doesn't Understand Why NFL Ratings Are Down Instead Of Up

October 25, 2016Oct 25, 2016

San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick says he doesn't understand why NFL TV ratings are down, despite the nationwide National Anthem protest he sparked. In fact, he's bewildered his protest hasn't had the opposite effect and encouraged MORE people to watch games.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the NFL has seen a 11% decline in its TV ratings and 32% of people say the National Anthem protests have made them less likely to tune in.

Kaepernick lamented on Sunday after the 49ers loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “I don’t know much about ratings and how they are affected and all of those things. But I don’t understand why ratings would go down, fighting for justice for people, to try to stop oppression, especially in a league that is predominantly black.”

Kaepernick wore a Black Panthers T-shirt during the post-game press conference.

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