WOW, Kaepernick Sinks To A New Low With THIS Controversial Act

November 28, 2016Nov 28, 2016

NFL fans have not forgotten about Colin Kaepernick.  The QB is at the center of attacks yet again by his open praise of a mass murderer.


Kaepernick wore a shirt depicting Fidel Castro and Malcolm X during a recent press conference.  With the death of Fidel Castro over the weekend, many people felt a sense of relief and closure.

The dictator who is responsible for sinking boats of refugees fleeing Cuba, imprisoning individuals who opposed his brutal regime, and murdering hundreds through corrupt government practices and attacks is finally no more. 

Kaepernick, instead of supporting the thousands of Americans and Cubans who had to actually live under the dictatorship, decided this was a good opportunity to give praise the health care and education under Fidel Castro.  He failed to mention the many people Castro murdered.

People across the NFL saw it as extremely disrespectful and inappropriate.  

When the 49er's played the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, the fans (many Cuban immigrants included) let the kneeling QB know how they felt about him.  Watch the video below to see how he was introduced onto the field.