Colin Kaepernick Just Got Some Huge News After Nike Ad, Many Conservatives are Furious

September 12, 2018Sep 12, 2018

Colin Kaepernick is a polarizing figure in modern America. The former NFL quarterback is responsible for starting the anthem-kneeling protests that have since captivated the nation and the National Football League.

Recently, Nike thought it would be appropriate to showcase Kaepernick in a new advertisement. They placed the words "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything" on his face for the ad.

The internet erupted in backlash. Many people disagree with disrespecting the national anthem and a lot of people feel Kaepernick hasn't even sacrificed anything.

Now, Kaepernick has just received some major news. Colin's former high school has just announced they are going to honor the former quarterback by inducting him into the high school's hall of fame.

"Pitman High School -- the Turlock, Calif. program Colin beasted for in football, basketball, and baseball -- announced it's giving Kaepernick its highest honor on November 3, 2018, reported TMZ.

The athletic director for the school has since commented on the news.

"Colin was chosen, like all the others, for their contribution to the history of athletes here at Pitman,” the school's A.D., Dave Wells, tells KCRA. "Of course, he was an outstanding athlete and a three-sport star," he said.

Many critics feel the school should not be honoring someone who is responsible for the anthem kneeling movement that is currently taking place in sports. Others are happy to see him make it into his former school's hall of fame.

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