Prayers Needed: 'Multiple Buried' on U.S. Ski Resort Following Avalanche

January 17, 2019Jan 17, 2019

The devastating news was just reported that an avalanche has buried several skiers and snowboarders at a New Mexico ski resort. The avalanche took place near Kachina Peak.

As soon as the avalanche hit, emergency crews were sent to the scene to help everyone who had been caught in it. As of Thursday afternoon, two people had been rescued. As of the time of this report, those two people were receiving treatment.

Now, the emergency response team is searching for others caught in the avalanche. They are unsure of how many people were buried in the snow.

According to Taos News, the mountain's ski patrol team opted to detonate explosives early Thursday morning in the hopes to reduce the risk of an avalanche.

On late Thursday afternoon, the trigger of the specific avalanche was still unknown and a full investigation was being conducted.

This is a developing news story. Please be praying for the safety of everyone involved. We will continue to update when more information is revealed. In other recent news, horrible news was just reported about 97-year-old Prince Philip.

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