Kacey Musgraves Just Revealed A Major Change And We’re Stunned

Kacey MusgravesShe has a career that would make anyone twice her age jealous. Between dropping five albums and winning Grammys, you wouldn’t think the superstar would have time for anything else. She released her movie this year, however. Star-CrossedThe film received some great reviews and converted some Musgraves fanatics into true believers. But outside of a storied career and never taking a moment off, the star recently made a change to her appearance, and the world can’t stop raving about it.

Change is good

Sometimes, no matter your status, you realize that something needs to change. It could be something as major as a job change or lifestyle change, but it can also be something simple like moving your couch to improve your feng Shui. Change is good for everyone, regardless of social status. It is like a soft reboot of the life you live.

Musgraves has been a consistent figure in her field since 2013, and she decided it was time for her to make a difference. The country-pop star recently decided that she needed to change something. It was her hair color.

Pink Starburst Vibes

They say that a picture speaks a thousand things, so rather than typing a thousand words about the subject, go see it.

Musgraves looks great in pink, and it is a testament to her versatility. Her versatility. You can hear her versatility in her music.

The pink almost seems to embrace this versatility. It is not common to see a pink-haired country singer. Country singers tend not to change their roots (literally, their hair roots). This feels more than a simple hairstyle change. Musgraves seems to be more in touch the potential pop music diva within herself.

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