Justin Bieber Under Heat After Posting Picture of Himself Reading the Bible

January 07, 2018Jan 07, 2018

Music sensation Justin Bieber has been making major headlines recently in relation to his faith. Bieber, an active member of Pastor Carl Lentz’s church—Hillsong—in New York City, is becoming a proud, outspoken Christian—touching fans and followers with God’s Word via social media.

On Saturday, January 6th, Bieber posted a picture of himself reading the Bible on an airplane. The Bible in his lap was marked up and he also appeared to have notes by his side.

Fans praised the “Love Yourself” singer for sharing his faith again. However, others targeted Bieber for the photo because he was not a wearing a shirt. See the photo below.

Twitter users questioned his sincerity and accused Bieber of only wanting attention. Others criticized him for posting a picture of himself shirtless while reading God's Word.



One user pointed out the sin in our culture, where the focus has been shifted from him reading God’s Word to Bieber’s body. The focus of this picture should be the Bible.


This isn’t the only time that the young pop star has shared his faith with his millions of followers on social media. In December, Bieber’s message about Jesus Christ on a whiteboard went viral with more than 2.4 million likes.

Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez has been more outspoken about her relationship with God in recent days, as well. Gomez, who is also a member of Hillsong church, gave a heartfelt and tear-jerking testimony at a church conference in November of last year.

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