Justin Bieber Intervenes When Man Assaults His Ex-Girlfriend, Suspect Tries to Chase After Him

April 16, 2018Apr 16, 2018

Music sensation Justin Bieber made national headlines over the weekend after intervening in a potentially dangerous incident. While attending an after party during Coachella — a popular music festival — Bieber noticed a man grabbing a woman believed to be the man's ex-girlfriend by the neck.

According to TMZ, Bieber screamed at the man to let her go, but the suspect refused and cursed at Bieber. The young singer responded by punching him in the face and pushing him against the wall, which allowed the girl to escape from his hands.

Witnesses believed the suspect was on drugs. After the incident, he was kicked out of the party.

After the suspect left, he reportedly attempted to chase after Bieber. He yelled out “Justin,” while hitting an SUV that he thought contained Bieber inside.

Cops eventually arrive at the scene but did not arrest the suspect since the choking incident wasn’t reported to police. Bieber will not face any charges either, reported New York Daily News.

(Bieber and music artist Post Malone at Coachella festival)

Currently, few details are known. This story is developing and will be updated if more information is released to the public.

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