Justin Bieber's April Fools Prank Gets Slammed, Criticized on Social Media

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous musicians in the entire world. He has risen to fame since he was very young and now he has made a huge name for himself. Recently, Bieber married Hailey Baldwin. The pair look super adorable together and seem to be really happy with their lives.

However, many fans are criticizing the duo for the April Fool's prank they just pulled. They announced something one their social media platform that had people freaking out.

"Pop star Justin Bieber was blasted on social media over an April Fools' Day joke that fell flat. Bieber, 25, caused a shock among his fans on Monday when he posted a picture of an ultrasound on his Instagram page. He did not leave a caption on the mysterious post, causing many to speculate that his wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22, was pregnant with their first child," reported Fox.

Fans went crazy for the news! Many people were super happy for them However, then Bieber revealed it was an April Fool's joke. The backlash suddenly flooded in.

Justin Bieber joking about Hayley being pregnant is soooooo insensitive considering there’s so many women out there that cannot get pregnant or have lost children,” a social media user tweeted.

Lots of other users felt the same way. Many said that it was insensitive to joke about pregnancy when so many women struggle to conceive a child. Others defended the star.

“So wait lemme get this right…y’all can joke daily about Justin Bieber’s depression, mental health, anxiety, past issues, looks etc., but once he does an april fool about pregnancy y’all suddenly get all sensitive and woke? Nah I’m out of here y’all are literally TRASH bye,” a tweet read.

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