Justin Timberlake Allegedly Going Through ‘Worst Year Of His Life’ After More Cheating Allegations And Divorce Rumors

Was 2021 a bad year? Justin Timberlake? Rumor has it that the pop sensation’s reputation took hit after hit this year. Here’s what the tabloids are saying about Timberlake’s year of bad fortune.

Justin Timberlake caught again cheating on Jessica Biel

A recent edition In Touch According to reports, Justin Timberlake was once again in the doghouse after rumors arose that the singer had left Jessica Biel. Deux Moi published an anonymous tip saying that Timberlake was getting close to a woman at a bar near Atlanta. And just days later, the “Cry Me A River” crooner left his wedding ring at home and attended an NBA game all alone. Timberlake’s behavior may have been the nail in the coffin for his marriage.

“This was the last thing they needed — Justin and Jessica had really been working hard to save their marriage,” an insider dished. Timberlake was seen holding hands with his wife Jessica. Palmer Alisha Wainwright, their co-star in the film, apologized to Biel shortly before he gave birth to their second child. “The new scandal has put Jessica on edge again, and Justin has to constantly reassure her that he’s committed to her.” Read more about the latest cheating allegations against Timberlake here.

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Marriage Can’t Be Saved?

Next Life & Style The latest allegations against Timberlake have hit Timberlake’s marriage harder than previously thought. “Jessica is doing her best to ignore the rumors,” an insider told the tabloid. “But it’s getting more and more difficult and this marriage may not be salvageable.” Then the tabloid pointed out a larger pattern for Timberlake, explaining that rumors of infidelity have followed the triple threat for the entirety of he and Biel’s relationship.

Then the outlet pointed out that Biel may not have been so forgiving for his last indiscretion if she wasn’t expecting their son at the time. “Justin pleaded for a second chance. And she gave it to him,” the tipster explained. “Jessica might not have made the same decision if she hadn’t been pregnant, though.” Finally, the insider asked, “How much humiliation can she take?” Read more about how Timberlake’s alleged infidelities have affected his marriage here.

Justin Timberlake Struggling After ‘Worst Year Of His Life’?

It was then In Touch that deemed 2021 the “worst year” of Justin Timberlake’s life. “As far as his career goes, Justin is used to things going his way,” an inside source spilled. “This past year was a major blow to him personally and professionally. Lately, it’s been one bad thing after another.” According to the insider, Timberlake spent the year trying to win back Biel’s trust after his slip-up in 2019. “The photos were humiliating to Jessica, and Justin spent a long time working to repair his marriage,” the tipster dished.

Timberlake was just starting to get his groove back, when his movie was released. PalmerIt was a disaster at the box-office. “The movie got some poor reviews,” the insider remarked. “And a lot of fans seem to have turned against him. Justin knows his image as a loving husband took a big hit.” Then right on the heels of that upset, the Framing Britney SparrowTimberlake faced a backlash online after his documentary was released. Find out how Timberlake is dealing with his year of bad fortune here.

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