Just Who Is GOP Candidate Jim Gilmore?

February 05, 2016Feb 05, 2016

Just who is Jim Gilmore?

That's the question you may have asked when you saw his name at the bottom of the list of Iowa GOP Caucus results. According to The New York Times, Gilmore received 12 out of the 186,874 votes cast, earning him no delegates. He finished last place below Rick Santorum, who received 1,783 votes.

Although the first time you may have seen him invited to a debate was the recent Fox News undercard debate, he's been running for the Republican presidential nomination since July. But he's so little known that, according to The Atlantic, when Donald Trump was asked to comment on Gilmore, Trump didn't have anything negative to say.

He simply said, "Him, I don’t know.”

So why is Gilmore still running when his chance of getting nominated is about as good as yours or mine?

Gilmore appreciates the opportunity to be on a national debate stage to inform America about its "national security challenges that are very dangerous," to address "veterans issues," and to make it clear that "Second Amendment rights are under assault, and that [there] really is an effort to redefine the role of the individual in society."

The former Virginia governor believes he's still one of the most qualified candidates in the race and is grieved by the lack of coverage of his campaign.

Gilmore told The Atlantic, "This is a time in America where information is controlled by the organized media. When the RNC, the Republican National Committee, outsourced the nomination to the organized media, they took all that out of my hands."

And unlike former GOP candidates Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindall, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and George Pataki, he's determined to stay in the race until the end.