JUST IN: You'll Never Believe What State Elizabeth Thomas Was Just Found In!

April 20, 2017Apr 20, 2017

Elizabeth Thomas has been found and reports are stating she is safe. Her abductor and former teacher, Tad Cummins, has been arrested.

Cummins and Thomas disappeared over a month ago from Tenessee in a Nissan SUV. As authorities issued Amber Alerts and began a statewide search, it appeared that Thomas had vanished. 

Weeks went by with not a single credible clue. Finally, after being spotted on camera at a Walmart in Oklahoma, hope for finding the girl was at an all time high.

Weeks passed and no trace of the pair turned up. However, in a breaking news story, Thomas was just found!

Apparently, Thomas and Cummins had made it all the way to California before being spotted!

A press conference is set to be held in a few moments and we will bring you the latest news from that conference as we get it. At this time, there are few details surrounding the situation where the pair were both found.

Please share this story as a testament to a happy ending to the prayers of so many people! Praise God for her safe return!