JUST IN: Possible Jim Comey Replacements

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

John Pistole: Served as the Deputy Director of the FBI in the past and is currently the president of Anderson University

Raymond Kelly: Longest serving police commissioner for the NYPD who is well-known for his handling of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Kelly has turned down the FBI Director position in the past.

Kenneth Wainstein: Previous positions include Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Chief of Staff to the FBI Director, and Homeland Security Advisor. He is currently a lawyer.

Rep Trey Gowdy: He identifies as a republican and was involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s actions with the Benghazi situation.

Gov Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey and Chair of the Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission. He identifies as a member of the republican party.

Which candidate would you like to see as the next FBI Director?

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