JUST IN: Police Save Major City From Possible Terror Attack!

March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

The Daily Mail is reporting that a potentially devastating terrorist attack has just been thwarted in Brussels.

According to authorities, a man was driving a vehicle when he ran through numerous red lights. When authorities stopped the car they noticed something was not right.

'The car was stopped because the driver jumped several red lights. The police then noticed several gas canisters in the boot and rather than take any risks, they called for help from the army bomb squad,' a police spokesman said.

At this time, police have alluded that all the signs point to terrorism, however, they haven't officially announced their ruling since it is still under active investigation. The man driving the car was previously known to police as someone who had been radicalized, according to the Daily Mail.

'When you put it all together... and that there were gas canisters in the boot, which he did not want to open, then obviously you have to be prudent,' he added.

The driver had also returned from trips to Syria in recent years and was then sentenced to five years in prison for connections to ISIS recruitment.

Watch the video below to see footage from the scene.

We thank God for allowing authorities to stop this potentially deadly attack.  their actions have saved numerous lives.

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