JUST IN: Armed Police Hunting for Man with Longbow After 3 Schools Declare 'Lockdown'

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

A breaking news story is coming in out of the United Kingdom. Three schools in Stoke are said to have been placed on "lockdown" as police hunt for a man who is being considered armed and dangerous.

The news comes as the latest story regarding schools and the threats they face while trying to educate children in a safe environment. Police say the man was said to have been in possession of a longbow.

"Armed police are hunting a man with a longbow after putting three schools in Stoke on lockdown. Staffordshire Police warned Haywood Academy, Moorpark Junior and Jackfield Infant schools of the incident in their area at around 3 pm this afternoon," reported the Mirror.

We will bring you the latest details on this event as they become available.

"Firearms officers were called to Stanfield Road, Burslem, at around 2.45pm following reports of a man being seen in the street with the weapon. Officers requested students be kept inside the schools at the end of the day until the incident was dealt with," according to reports.

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