Just Calm New Calming Supplement Is Like an Off Switch for Stress

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Let’s be honest. There’s a decent chance you’re feeling stressed right now. Perhaps you felt stressed about your commute to work today, or maybe you were stressed about a difficult conversation you had with friends last night. Or maybe you feel anxious for no apparent reason. We get it. We’ve all been there — too many times to count.

Countless factors in our life can cause stress — sometimes even debilitating stress. Work, home life — whatever it is, you just wish it could stop. Can you really turn off stress?

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While things like exercise, meditation and bubble baths may help calm down anxious thoughts, they’re often not enough. You must also have the time! That’s why when we learned about a quicker, clearer and easier approach, we were all ears. Just Calm is the first product in Just Thrive’s new Joot line, which has a goal to “elevate your health even higher,” physically, mentally and spiritually. Stop stress!

Just Thrive wanted to create a groundbreaking stress management and mood support formula with this release, and thus, this “zen-spert” supplement was born. We love the fact that the brand acknowledges how stress can impact your body. It affects your mental and cognitive health. But it can also impact your immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. This could even lead to heart disease and high bloodpressure, as well as anxiety and depression. Just Calm is designed to reduce stress and maintain healthy cortisol levels.

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Get the Joot Simply Calm Dietary Supplement at $45 per Bottle Save by signing up for auto-ship

But what makes Just Calm different from other calming supplements you’ve seen out there? It features the proprietary “psychobiotic” strain known as BL 1714™, the most heavily researched and scientifically verified strain available. A study that is available to read online Pub Med, four doctors reported, “Our results further support the role of B. longum 1714™ in reducing stress responses and provides new evidence that this probiotic affects brain function through modulating neural oscillations in certain brain regions.”

BL 1714™ may help promote a healthier response to everyday stress, encourage a serene mood, drive mental clarity and focus, support energy, improve sleep and more. Just Thrive added nourishing B vitamins to their mix. These pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly. They also contain no wheat, dairy or soy and are free of nuts, GMOs, and sugar.

What do you think? Just Calm could help you switch off stress and make your life easier. You can try it for yourself!

It’s amazing!


Get the Joot Simply Calm Dietary Supplement at $45 per Bottle Save by signing up for auto-ship

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