Julia Roberts’ Marriage Allegedly In Crisis Over Fights About Leaving LA And Time Apart, Rumors Say

It is Julia Roberts She is struggling to keep her marriage together. Danny Moder alive? According to recent reports, the couple’s relationship is barely hanging on. Here’s what the tabloids are saying about Roberts and Moder’s fragile union.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder argue over where to live

A few months ago, the National Enquirer Reports that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder had a rough time after moving from Malibu, California to San Francisco. “Danny’s career is really taking off, and it’s made him more determined than ever to stay in and around Hollywood,” an insider told the tabloid. Roberts said San Francisco was a better place to raise their children. The Pretty Woman actress would rather her kids got to school “surrounded by the kids of tech millionaires rather than actors’ bratty children,” the tipster revealed. Find out if Moder and Roberts ever reached an agreement.

Julia Roberts And Danny Moder Hit ‘Crisis Point’?

Then, Woman’s Day Moder and Roberts were reported to be struggling to spend quality time together. “Like any other couple, Julia and Danny have gone through hard times. Raising three teenagers, and juggling two busy careers, have presented their challenges,” an insider revealed. “A few months ago, they had a heart-to-heart where they both agreed they’d dropped the ball with their relationship, and they vowed to both make an effort from now on.”

Apparently, the couple’s busy work schedules combined with the demands of raising their kids left them without any time alone together. They both knew they had to work hard to keep their romance alive. “Julia and Danny both agreed their relationship was a priority and they were willing to put in the work to make things better,” the source confided. Read more about Roberts and Moder’s efforts to save their marriage in our breakdown.

Julia Roberts Takes ‘Make Or Break’ Trip To Australia?

A New Idea Roberts fled her marriage in order to shoot her new film in Australia, claimed Roberts. “Danny and Julia both decided that she should go alone to Australia, at least for now,” a source explained. But the downside was, if the time apart doesn’t help, it would likely hurt their relationship. “You get the feeling that if they can’t sort out their thoughts with this much-needed solo time, their relationship could be over.” Read more about Roberts and Moder’s trial separation here.

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