Rescuers Still Working to Save Toddler Who Fell Down Well 10 Days Ago, Please Send Prayers

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

Rescuers are still fighting to find little Julen Rosello, who fell down a well on Sunday, January 13. The 2-year-old fell down a hole in the Spanish countryside, falling more than 30 stories. Since then, rescuers have been working to get him out of the well with little luck. 

He fell into the well as he was walking with his parents, José Rosello and Vicky García. The family was setting out for paella picnic in Totalan, a small town on the southern coast of Spain, according to The Washington Post.

Members of the Mining Rescue Brigade are set to dig the little boy out by hand after a machine went as far as it could go. 

“If this earth was tough for the machines, imagine what it’s going to be like on our arms,” one of the miners told local daily Sur on Tuesday according to El Pais.

The rescuers have been waiting for the tubes that will shore up the vertical shaft to be inserted. This job has been delayed due to small irregularities on the inner walls. 

Everyone involved in the rescue effort in Totalán has confidence in the miners. “They’re the best,” explained Ángel García Vidal, the chief engineer of this “work of humanitarian civil engineering,” as he described the job on his hands. “And they are hugely specialized,” added Juan López-Escobar, a delegate from the Southern Official Association of Mining Engineers.

The mine rescuers will travel down 61 meters, which is at the level where exploratory cameras found a plug of earth that they believe is covering Julen. With great difficulty, they will have to excavate a horizontal tunnel measuring between three and four meters long using picks and jackhammers.

Last Wednesday, the boy’s father told reporters he was hoping against hope Julen would be found alive. According to officials, there is evidence of some ventilation or an air pocket within the well, but it's unclear if air is reaching the boy.

“We’re dead inside but with the hope we have an angel watching over us who is going to help him to come out alive as soon as possible,” José Rosello said, referring to the couple's older son Oliver, who died of a reported congenital heart defect at age 3.

Julen fell into a possibly unmarked hole bored by someone searching for a spot to dig a well, according to authorities. The hole is 360 feet deep, but only 15 inches at its widest spot. The hole was just big enough for the child to fall into, but not big enough for anyone to reach him.

Julen's parents said they are praying for his older brother to watch over him from heaven.

“Oliver, don’t forget your brother, Julen,” his mother wrote on social media, according to the Express. “You know we’ve been waiting for him for many hours. I know you protect him a lot, my little King.”

Later, she posted another picture of a sleeping baby: “If it’s true that there’s a God up there, help him please," she added, “Hold on Julen.”

Please pray for the little boy. It will be a miracle if he is still alive, but all things are possible through our great God!