Judging Biden’s High Court Pick, Cheering Truckers’ Protest

Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s audience responded to our coverage of President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee and on Canadian truckers’ “Freedom Convoy,” among other topics. Enjoy this peek into the mailbag [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal I think President Biden just made a third big mistake (“Biden Selects Jackson for Supreme Court From Left-Wing Donor ‘Shortlist’“). The first was his statement that he would nominate only a black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. This did not exclude whites but also qualified nonwhites like Hispanics or Asians or Native Americans. Racist.

The second mistake he made was to choose another nominee from the Ivy League. If Judge Ketanji Jackson Jackson is confirmed, it will be 8 of 9 on the high courts. Justice Amy Coney Barrett attended Notre Dame Law School. It is generally considered to be at the same level as Ivies.

Perhaps Biden’s biggest mistake was not choosing the preferred nominee of House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., who put him over the top in the 2020 Democrat primary in South Carolina. Besides Clyburn’s backing, Judge J. Michelle Childs also had strong Republican support from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Jackson may be less reliable than her backers believe. Consider that Chief Justice John Roberts was believed to be dependably conservative.—Pete Farris, St. Michaels, Md.

Dear Daily Signal The saddest part about President Biden’s making an unconstitutional decision about the Supreme Court nominee (“What Senators Must Ask Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson About Her Record, Judicial Philosophy“)? Whoever he chose would be labeled forever as the best “black female” he could find, not the best candidate he could find for the job.

There will always be an asterisk beside Judge Jackson’s name in the minds of thoughtful citizens, wondering if she was the best choice for the job.—Marcia Martin

Dear Daily Signal I am in complete accord with Dr. Ben Carson’s assessment, in his interview with Virginia Allen, of President Biden’s selection of a Supreme Court justice (“Race Shouldn’t Be Sole Basis for Nominating a Supreme Court Justice, Ben Carson Says“).

I have known and worked with people from all races and colors. I was denied employment in companies back then, in the 1970s, because of affirmative actions. Why? Because even though I had the qualifications, I was white.—Timothy Reams, Abilene, Texas


If Judge Jackson was appointed to this position of judicial power by discrimination against other races in the U.S.—and all men and transgenders—how can we, as American citizens, expect her to judge and rule indiscriminately? Do we, as American citizens, have any power in this matter?—C. Linder


Ben Carson is very accurate and addresses the subject with great clarity. —Anthony Perrella Sr.

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Justice Breyer’s Retirement

Dear Daily Signal I’d like to compliment John G. Malcolm earnestly for his comprehensive review of the service of Justice Stephen Breyer, and second his thanks for Breyer’s service and his wishes for a well-deserved retirement (“What Justice Stephen Breyer Brought to the Supreme Court“).

Although I am a conservative American and an independent thinker, I also admit that I tend to favor an originalist interpretation by the Supreme Court of our Constitution. However, I believe it is important for the court’s impartiality to be focused on legal interpretation. 

It is also important that the Supreme Court remains a strong third in the planned separation of powers. It is important to have a balance of conservative and liberal “thinkers,” with emphasis on dissent and debate, in an atmosphere of decorum and respect.  If our Supreme Court justices don’t respect each other, how can the citizenry respect their rulings, or for that matter, the rule of law?

The highest court of the land must, just like science, seek truth and fairness in their consensus opinions. They should not be loyal to any political party.

Finally, I would admonish those who chose to leak rumors of Breyer’s retirement, park a panel truck with a suggestive message at the Supreme Court, and participate in attempting to push this dedicated gentleman out the door early. Whatever the reason, consider the air of disrespect, the ungratefulness, and the shame your actions reflect on yourself, the court, and our great country.—Phillip Lee White, Warm Springs (Ga.)


Thank you for John Malcolm’s well-written article on Justice Stephen Breyer, and for educating me. I appreciated Malcolm’s closing remarks. As a pro-life, constitutionalist conservative, it’s hard to imagine what is in the minds of these liberal justices. I now have a better idea.

Malcolm didn’t hint that Breyer is playing God, but this in fact is what his thinking amounts to. High school and grade school must both study the Constitution. Young people need to be able to understand the core of our beliefs, and the values that give us freedom.

I’m a retired RN who raised a big family, did homeschooling in the 1990s for conscience reasons, and have no background in law. Yes, there is a conservative population in Southern California. I appreciate all those who tell us the truth. Well done.—Rosemary Sporleder, San Diego, Calif.

Investigating Capitol Riot

Dear Daily Signal Mary Margaret Olohan’s article was the best assessment of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that I’ve read so far (“‘Breadcrumbs Lead to Speaker’s Office,’ Rep. Jim Banks Warns as GOP Slams Capitol Police Leadership Over Capitol Riot“). By their actions as statesmen, Reps. Jim Banks, R-Ind., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, give hope to conservatives who are standing by watching this poignant event in our history unfold on the side of facts and truth.—Linda Neal 


We are grateful to Banks and Jordan who searched for the truth. It hurts my heart what the left is doing to our country: 3,000 more U.S. troops to the Poland-Ukraine border, 0 troops to the U.S. border.—Barbara Reda 


I urge the GOP not to ignore the Jan. 6 riot and to conduct a proper congressional investigation. The legislation should have teeth, so that any misconduct, however trivial, in the FBI’s performance of its duties must be prosecuted; those found guilty would forfeit their jobs and benefits and be barred from future employment in law enforcement. 

Everything else is just theatre if we don’t take seriously the most serious violations of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. We need action not just talk, whine, and complain.—Ananta Gopalan, Bluffton, S.C.


There is overwhelming evidence to support the claim that there was a Democrat cover up of the Jan. 6, Capitol riot. The National Guard and Capitol Police had to be aware that something was amiss. The entire nation saw TV news for days, and knew it. 

Do we think that Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, doesn’t watch TV? Maybe Pelosi must cover this up because exposure would lead more criminal and embarrassing actions like Biden’s and Pelosi’s money connections with China.

It should drive America insane. We as a country are on a ticking clock to take the steps required to save what is left.—Stephen Gore

Rand Paul and Canadian Truckers

Dear Daily Signal It appears that we Canadians have reached the limit of our patience (“Workers of the World Unite, and the Left Hates It“) People pay attention and are learning that cloth masks are practically useless against a virus, vaccines aren’t very effective in preventing infection, and lockdowns are almost useless in preventing illness, according to an extensive Johns Hopkins study.

Health bureaucrats remain myopically focused upon getting everyone vaccinated, while neglecting therapeutics. The Wall Street Journal reported that hospitalizations have fallen, but that deaths have increased. It is difficult for doctors to get effective medication for COVID-19 sufferers. 

That’s in the U.S. Here in Canada, the idea of ordering therapeutics hasn’t even crossed the mind of our health care bureaucrats. None are available.

People are fed up of policies that harm businesses and mandates. It’s time to accept that this virus is going to be around awhile and get about ordering effective treatments for the vulnerable.—Dick Draper, Surrey (British Columbia), Canada


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is exactly correct in supporting a truckers’ protest in America, as he did in his interview with Mary Margaret Olohan (“Rand Paul Encourages Truckers to Come to America and ‘Clog Cities Up’“). I too support civil disobedience as conservatives do it. 

We don’t burn, pillage, or kill people in the streets, as leftist Marxists do because they go unpunished. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are both Marxist politicians. 

We demand that politicians adhere to our Constitution and all laws that have been legally passed by Congress and our States. 

Go, truckers! We love and admire you.—Diana Collins, Iowa Park, Texas


Truckers are expected to carry the burden themselves (“Rand Paul Weighs In on COVID-19 Tyranny, Hypocrites, and Civil Disobedience“). Let’s have a national day of protests—people at state capitol buildings, cars and trucks in convoys honking, throngs of marchers on the streets—and let the government know the people, united, have more power than the few imposing rules.—Loretta Bedford 


Bravo, truckers! Stay brave and never give in to the leftist bull.—Craig Lingel 

Defending American Values

Dear Daily Signal As revealed in Douglas Blair’s podcast interview with movie critic Christian Toto, I agree that there needs to be an outspoken conservative element in Hollywood—and everywhere else, for that matter (“Lights! Camera! Leftism! How Hollywood Went Woke“).

What I don’t understand is why anyone would ever care about what an actor thinks. Is there any evidence that actors are worth listening to? Are they smarter than the rest? Are they more educated in all matters political? Are you somehow infused with wisdom? Magic? 

The lights go up and all eyes are on the person pontificating on cultural conduct for a living (both in real-time and on set). Not facts. Opinions. And whatever would lead one to believe it’s sincere? They can be sincere on TV.

The same holds true of sports figures. I don’t understand why physical prowess is equal to a thoughtful and fine mind that deserves three minutes of the nightly news. 

These people need to be denied coverage.  We must not allow them to transform their temporary popularity into common wisdom. 

We have no chance of being heard above the cacophony of pretty idiots until the media stops enabling this hijacking of our culture.—Tara Hulsey, Brazil, Ind.  

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