Judge Who Sentenced Larry Nassar Under Fire for ‘Being Blatant and Hostile’ in Trial

January 25, 2018Jan 25, 2018

Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar made national headlines late last year after he was accused of sexually abusing more than 140 women. The disturbed ex-doctor groomed children and young women, who trusted him as a medical professional, and unashamedly took advantage of their trust.

After years of little girls and teens, including several Olympic gymnasts, being forced to deal with Nassar’s “medical treatments,” more than 100 women finally banned together to take down their abuser. Shortly after Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges, he appeared in court again to face his victims as they publicly detailed their horrifying experiences.

The gut-wrenching and tear-jerking testimonies tugged at the heartstrings of people all across the nation—including the judge in the case. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who ultimately sentenced Nassar to an additional 40-175 years in prison, made it very clear throughout the trial that she was on the side of these young women; many referred to her as an “advocate” an “ally” of the victims.

Although outsiders widely agree that Nassar is guilty and he should, therefore, face the maximum sentence, legal professionals are arguing that the judge overstepped her boundary. Many believe that she showed an obvious bias towards the victims, which is unprofessional for a judge to do.

In an opinion article released by the Washington Examiner, one attorney stated, “While I totally understand the judge’s sentiments and it’s true that nothing can ever truly restore the evil this man perpetuated against these women, as an attorney I am very disturbed the judge would show such open, blatant, and hostile personal animus.”

The writer continued, “Regardless of the obviously heinous nature of the crime, even through conviction and sentencing a judge’s role is to remain an impartial arbiter and sentence according to law, not sentence according to emotional hatred or vengeance toward the defendant.”

This legal expert believes that the judge’s actions could potentially be setting grounds for an appeal. If successful, the victims may be forced to “relive their trauma” to testify against Nassar for the second time.

Conservative Christian Matt Walsh also weighed in on the controversy. After the sentencing, he took to Twitter to share his opinion, calling the judge a “showboater” and refocusing the attention back to the heroic victims.





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