Judge Hands Down Important Decision in Taylor Swift Groping Case

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017
Updated August 11 2017 9:28 pm

This week a jury in Denver has been hearing testimony from Taylor Swift and her team in a groping lawsuit. The suit originated as a slander suit by David Mueller, a Denver DJ, who said Swift falsely accused him of groping her during a meet and greet. Swift responded by slapping him with a countersuit, claiming sexual assault. The incident happened in 2013, Mueller filed in 2015, and the case finally reached the court on Monday. 


Mueller's team rested today after they were unable to get anyone to confirm Mueller's argument that he did not grope Swift. Instead, nearly everyone—with the exception of his character witness who was not present at the time of the incident—who took the stand backed up Swift's story. 

Friday morning, her former bodyguard, Greg Dent, testified that he saw Mueller reach under Swift's skirt during a photo shoot. He also said he thought Mueller had been drinking. 

"I saw his hand under her skirt. ... Her skirt went up. ... She jumped," testified Dent, a former police officer who also worked for the NSA. 


He added, “I can’t tell you how long his hand was there. I just can tell you he put his hand under her skirt, she pushed it down, and jumped." 

After the incident happened, he also said he was more careful with Swift. She was concerned that he wasn't mean to her fans, but he made sure men kept their hands to themselves. 

"I wouldn't let [Swift] hear me, but I told the male fans to keep their hands up high," he said.

Swift's photographer, Stephanie Simbeck also corroborated Swift's story, saying she saw it happen. Likewise, Mueller's old boss, David Haskell, says there's no doubt in his mind that Mueller groped Swift. 

After Mueller's legal team rested, Swift's team entered a motion to throw out the case entirely without jury deliberation. Judge William Martinez is considering the motion because Mueller's team has not been able to prove their claims.  

Douglas Baldridge, Swift's lawyer, filed the motion directly after the lunch break. In the motion, he argued that "no reasonable jury would find legal basis for the Mueller’s claims." 

“I would ask you right now, please, after this ordeal, please remove Ms. Taylor Swift from this case,” said Baldridge. 

The judge said he will rule on the motion Friday afternoon. If he does decide to throw out the case, it would mean that he believes there is no reasonable way the jury could rule in Mueller's favor. 

“Mr. Mueller’s beef is with KYGO, it’s not with my clients,” argued Swift's lawyer. “That’s the problem with this case and that’s why it’s presented on its head.”

Late Friday afternoon, the judge threw out the case against Swift. The judge ruled that Mueller had insufficient evidence to prove that Swift got him fired, confirms People. The judge did not dismiss the case against her mother, Andrea Swift, or Taylor Swift's sexual assault case against Mueller. Rulings will come down on the remaining cases on Monday after both sides give their closing statements. 

 If you're just tuning into the story, read more about the case and Swift's testimony. 

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