Judge Jeanine UTTERLY DESTROYS Judge Who Blocked President's Travel Ban!

March 17, 2017Mar 17, 2017

After a judge from Hawaii issued an order to block President Trump's travel ban, Americans were outraged. This is the second time the president's travel ban has been blocked.

One person who couldn't deal with the hypocrisy of the judge was a fellow judge, Jeanine Pirro.

"This is the most hypocritical reaction to the president and this executive order. Look, the bottom line is you have a judge here who hates President Trump," said Pirro.

Hawaii was also called out for being hypocritical when the judge claimed it would halt students and refugees from coming and contributing to the Hawaiian culture and economy. However, according to reports, Hawaii has yet to even take any refugees into their state.

It should also be noted that the Judge who blocked the president's travel order was appointed by Barack Obama.

"We are at a very critical point in this country. When judges start making decisions that are contrary to the fundamentals of the constitution and then assess it based on what the President sent three months ago...wrong! I've been a judge!" said Pirro.


Watch the video below to hear from judge Jeanine on the topic!

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