Joy Villa Releases ‘Make America Great Again’ Song

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

Joy Villa, 26-year-old American singer, gained much popularity after wearing a ‘Trump’ dress at the Grammy Awards in 2017. The red, white, and blue dress had the words ‘Make America Great Again’ on the front and ‘Trump’ on the back.

A few months after supporting Trump at the Grammys, she made another bold move to celebrate our country. She released a song titled, ‘Make America Great Again’.

The music artist revealed her hope behind the song and thoughts about President Trump to Popzette in an exclusive interview. She stated her focus was actually not on politics, “I’m hoping this song inspires people to come together.”

She continues, “Artists create the future, and right now I see a lot of destruction to our future. Unfortunately, what the art in Hollywood is doing right now is making us more divisive. It's making us confused. It's making us so angry.”

She also expressed her thoughts on Trump, revealing she did not always support him due to certain information in major headlines. However, after doing her research, she voted for him. Now she believes, "he's done amazing" and "loves that he's moving fast." She would also love to hear from Trump someday!

Listen to the ‘Make America Great Again’ song below. The song is also available for purchase on Amazon.

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