Joy Duggar Makes Headlines for What She Just Wore to Go Dirt Biking

August 22, 2017Aug 22, 2017

Last week, Jinger Duggar sparked controversy for wearing skinny jeans, clearly diverging from her family's strict dress code. Today, her younger sister, Joy-Anna, who is married to her childhood friend Austin Forsyth, caused a backlash when she followed her family's dress code.

For their three-month wedding anniversary, Joy-Anna and Austin went on a dirtbike ride at sunset. They shared pictures from the ride on their Instagram account. The photos showed Joy-Anna's questionably dangerous clothing choices.

The "Counting On" star wore a knee-length, floral dress underneath her protective gear. Her husband, on the other hand, had his legs fully covered by jeans. This was the first time that Joy-Anna had gone dirt biking, so it made the chances of her losing her balance and falling even more likely.

Joy-Anna, 19, seemed completely unaware that she'd be soon creating controversy. She captioned her messaged with a sweet note to her new husband.

“I always love getting to do new things & go on new adventures with my man! “#firsttimedirtbiking #loveyouforeverandalways.”

The first photo shows Austin sitting on the same dirt bike, while the second photo (click the next arrow to view), Joy and her husband pose on separate bikes.

People on Instagram commented to share their concern for Joy-Anna's safety. They weren't angry with her, but they also hoped she'd realize that it would be safer to wear pants for dirt biking.

One user wrote, rebeccaguluzzy, wrote "I am so happy to see you doing new things! With that being said, it's incredibly dangerous to ride dirt bikes without the proper attire for them. There have been many times I have fallen off/flipped over/crashed dirt bikes and quads, and if I wasn't wearing appropriate clothing for the sport, I could have been seriously injured. This comes from a place of caring and love; I hope you don't take it the wrong way! Have fun and be safe!"

Another user commented, "Have you ever seen or had road rash from falling off a motorcycle or dirt bike? If you must wear dresses, at least get proper gear to wear over your dress while on the bike," said ellenmillerrobertson.

What do you think? Would you go dirt biking in a dress or do you think she should have at least worn pants under her dress? Let us know in the comments. Read more about Jinger's controversy here. 

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