Joy Behar Tells Christian Baker That He Can’t Speak for Jesus But She Can

July 03, 2017Jul 03, 2017

“Why don’t you just bake the gay wedding cake?”

That’s the question Christian Colorado business owner Jack Phillips has been asked again and again after he refused to make a custom cake for a gay wedding back in 2012. But Phillips has been holding fast to his belief that doing so would violate both his faith and his freedom as an artist to choose which commissioned works to create.

His steadfastness has led to legal battles, death threats, and repeated attacks to the reputation of Masterpiece Cakeshop, but he’s refusing to relent and is taking his case to the Supreme Court with the help of his lawyer, Kirsten Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom, according to Fox News. Now he’s appeared on the largely liberal discussion panel of “The View” to answer some of the attacks on his character and his biblical Christian faith, and it’s safe to say the soft-spoken baker was able to hold his own.

The liberal co-hosts on the panel, especially the ones who consider themselves people of faith, lobbed the typical progressive arguments at him. For instance, they suggested he was being hypocritical for not asking other engaged couples if they’d been living in sin before he agreed to make a wedding cake for them.

Co-hosts Sara Haines pointed out, “One thing that’s always confused me about this is that in the Bible it says many things if you read it. And I was raised in the church. And it says, ‘Do not lie with a man [as] one lies with a woman.’ But it also says, don’t judge others. We’re not the final judgement. It also says ‘love thy neighbor.’ There are a lot of messages in there. How do you reconcile in your own spirituality which ones to go with? Because in my mind, whether you believe in it or not, you should definitely not marry a man. But if someone else does, it’s not my place to judge them because God will ultimately judge them.”

The studio audience cheered, believing that Haines had caught Phillips in a trap and proven that the Bible contradicts itself. But Phillips wasn’t born yesterday.

“I’m not judging them. I’m not judging these two men that came in[to] my shop,” Phillips replied. “I’m just trying to preserve my right as an artist to decide which artistic endeavors I’m going to do and which I’m not.”

It was same calm answer he gave multiple times during the 11-minute segment, and one that contradicted the hateful, bigoted image the liberals on the panel were try to paint him into. He also pointed out, when asked, that he wouldn’t make cakes for adult-themed parties, anti-American events, and racist gatherings.

Then co-host Paula Faris asked Phillips, “I know that you’re a Christ follower, and Jesus was even criticized by some of his followers for hanging out with the lowest of the low, the tax collectors, and the sinners. Did you ever ask yourself, what would Jesus do in this particular situation? Instead of denying them, do you think maybe Jesus would have said ‘I don’t accept this, but I’m going to love you anyways’? Do you think that, maybe, would have had a more powerful testimony?”

The crowd cheered Faris enthusiastically for pointing out that Phillips is not showing Jesus’ love refusing to bake the gay wedding cake. But Faris made a typical liberal mistake when addressing biblical theology: She misquoted the Bible. The biblical account she’s referring to is in Mark 2 and Luke 5, and it’s actually the Pharisees, not Jesus’ followers, who were criticizing him.

“What do you think Jesus would have done in that situation?” Faris asked again.

“I don’t think Jesus would have made a cake, if he had been a baker,” Phillips replied, having just pointed out that Jesus wouldn’t contradict the rest of what God teaches in the Bible.

Behar cut him off before he could continue, exclaiming loudly, “Jesus would have made the cake! You can believe the Bible and everything, but Jesus...that’s a dealbreaker.”

The crowd roared with applause at Behar’s act of separating the Jesus of her own making from the Jesus of the Bible.

After Phillips’ attorney Waggoner schooled Behar on legal precedent, Behar shouted, “Listen, I’m not judging what [Phillips] did! I’m just speaking for Jesus right now!”

Behar grinned as the crowd laughed. Watch the full discussion below:

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