Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals What It Was Like to Have Her First Kiss at Her Wedding

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017

Yesterday, the Duggars shared wedding photos from Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding to Austin Forsyth. The photos came the same night as a 2-hour wedding special aired. 

In the special, Joy-Anna revealed that she had her first kiss during the televised ceremony. The Duggars don’t allow their children to kiss before the wedding, so her first kiss was caught on film.

Joy, 19, and Austin, 23, officially courted for three months before getting married. By the time they walked down the aisle, their emotions during the ceremony—including happy tears—made it clear how in love they were with each other.

As soon as Austin saw Joy-Anna walking down the aisle toward him, the groom burst into tears. He obviously was overcome by how beautiful Joy-Anna looked in her three-quarter sleeve wedding gown.

The tears happened despite the fact that the couple decided to have a first look. They saw each other in their wedding attire before the actual ceremony because, Austin admitted, “I would have lost it if I saw her walking down the aisle.”

During the first look, he whispered to Joy, “You’re so beautiful—the prettiest bride ever.”

Austin said to crying when he saw Joy walking down the aisle, “It was just an overwhelming emotional time—but it was the most incredible thing pretty much ever.”

“I wasn’t surprised that he did, because he’s pretty emotional,” said Joy about her new husband’s tears.

“Austin’s face was just priceless,” added Joy’s sister Jessa Seewald.

Once the ceremony was almost complete and they were married, Austin could be heard asking his wife, “Are you ready?” referring to their first kiss.

Joy could be heard asking, “For what?” She then answered, “Yes!”

The pastor didn’t immediately say the words that would allow them to have their first kiss. He seemed to be having some fun with the moment.

After a few moments, he asked the couple, “Oh, am I missing something?”

Finally, the pastor said, “Austin, you know — you may kiss your bride.”

The pastor smiled and the congregation whooped as Austin and Joy-Anna shared their first kiss.

In an interview during the special, Joy-Anna recalled their first kiss.

“Austin and I’s first kiss was amazing,” she said, seeming to feel like it wasn’t awkward to have the moment on film. “He did a good job—he put his hand up to my face just in case he missed and nobody could see,” she joked.

She continued, talking about the timing of the kiss, “It felt very natural. Throughout our relationship it’s been ‘Ok, this is the next step, this is what we need to do next,’ and that was the way it was with our first kiss.”

“It was amazing. Perfect,” she added.

Austin chimed in about their first kiss. He definitely didn’t think the timing of the kiss was awkward; he appreciated the fact that friends and family were present for the moment.

“Kissing Joy for the first time was amazing It was like sealing the deal. We exchange rings, we share vows, but this was the first thing that her and I had physically done, and the fact that all of our friends and family got to see it. It was pretty cool.”

Joy and Austin are expecting their first baby, who fans believe is due around March. 

Congratulations to the young couple. May God bless their growing family and their message of chastity. 

In other news, several actresses opened up about their miscarriages in a recent PSA. They wanted to bring the pain out into the open so that women who have suffered a miscarriage could heal. 

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