Journalist Flees Milwaukee After Witnessing The Racist Truth About The Milwaukee Riots

August 15, 2016Aug 15, 2016

Journalist Tim Pool was in Milwaukee to cover the protests after a Black police officer shot an armed Black teenager in self-defense this past weekend. The independent reporter quickly came face to face with vile racism as he attempted to report on the situation.

While the riots were being portrayed in the media as a response to the police involved shooting, what Tim discovered is that the rioting and attacks were nothing more than pure racism.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Tim explains why he could no longer remain in the city. He was able to tolerate the anti-white chants hurled his way, because he felt the anger from the crowd was justified. However, when he saw a young white man with a bullet hole is his neck, he could no longer pretend that he was witnessing just a protest.

Watch Tim explain why he felt that he had to leave Milwaukee… (Warning: Some Harsh Language)