Journalist Apologizes For Calling Prince Philip ‘A Racist Buffoon’

Amol Rajan, a BBC journalist, apologizes for comments he made regarding the royal family in 2012. Prince Philip a “racist buffoon” and Prince Charles “scientifically illiterate.” Rajan has also come under fire recently for fronting the controversial BBC Two documentary, The Princes and the Press

In a statement the journalist posted to Twitter, he said, “In reference to very reasonable questions about some foolish commentary from a former life, I want to say I deeply regret it. I wrote things that were rude and immature and I look back on them now with real embarrassment, and ask myself what I was thinking, frankly.”

He continued, “I would like to say sorry for any offence they caused then or now. I’m completely committed to impartiality and hope our recent programs can be judged on their merits.” 

Rajan has posted a series of anti-royal tweets, which date back to 2010. He knocked the Duchess of Cambridge for having a “false royal wave,” and even called the BBC “monarchist propaganda.” He was not yet employed by the network at the time of his tweets. Many wonder why the BBC would hire someone so anti-royal as a host for a program on the family. 

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwillliams tweeted his disapproval, writing, “The choice of @BBCIt was absurd that journalist Amol Rajan was chosen to present the series The Princes & The Press. While his views on the monarchy are well known, an impartial viewpoint was needed.”

Documentary: Royal Family Splits

Rajan’s BBC Two documentary focused on Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship with the media, especially as they moved to the forefront of the royal family. The program made waves for its focus on Harry and Meghan Markle’s tumultuous exit from the UK and the royal family. 

After the documentary aired, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Clarence House released a joint statement, saying, “A free, responsible and open press is of vital importance to a healthy democracy. However, too often it is overblown and unfounded claims from unnamed sources that are presented as facts and it is disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, gives them credibility.” 

Many are speculating that the bad feelings between the royal family and the BBC are why Kate Middleton’s Westminster Abbey Christmas program is no longer being aired on the network. It was instead given over to rival channel ITV. BBC will still help to produce the event, but it’s clear they’re still in the doghouse with the royals.

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