Another ESPN Employee Fires at Trump in Midst of Jemele Hill Controversy

October 10, 2017Oct 10, 2017

ESPN sports anchor Jemele Hill made headlines recently for her comments on her personal social media account, encouraging people to punish NFL Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. After Jones announced that any one of his players who chose to protest during the national anthem would be benched, Hill told her followers to go after his advertisers instead of the players.

Her controversial comments led to her 2-week suspension from the major sports network, which was announced on Monday, October 9th. While liberals were outraged at her temporary removal, conservatives agreed that the action taken against Hill was more than acceptable, possibly even not harsh enough.

Last month, Hill also made headlines for her comments against President Donald Trump, calling POTUS a “white supremacist.” Hill was not penalized for her remarks against the president, but ESPN did release a statement clarifying that her beliefs do not align with the organization as a whole.

Trump responded to the situation with Hill on Tuesday, October 10th, insisting that one of the reasons ESPN’s ratings have tanked is because of Hill.

After Trump’s response, another ESPN employee fired at the president. Josina Anderson, a reporter for the sports network and colleague close to Hill, took to social media to condemn Trump’s comment.

She stated, “Stop attacking our colleague Jemele Hill, any other journalists or media entities. We are doing our work.”

People commented on Anderson’s post, insisting that politics and bashing the president have nothing to do with their job.

What do you think about Josina Anderson’s remark? Where do you stand in this controversy with Jemele Hill? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In related news, a well-known judge came to Jemele Hill’s defense.

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