Crowd Stunned After Watching Musician Fall to His Death Off Of Escalator

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

A tragic story emerged on Wednesday out of Rhode Island. A 45-year-old musician who had taken a horrible fall on Monday has officially been pronounced dead.

The man, identified as Josh Martin, was at a Rhode Island mall on Monday when the incident took place. The 45-year-old man fell off of the mall’s escalator after reportedly joking around on it.

According to witnesses, Martin was “clowning around and riding the rail of the escalator.” Somehow he lost his balance and ended up falling from the second floor of Providence Place Mall.

Crowds were already stunned while watching him fall, but unfortunately, the landing was even worse. Martin landed in the food court area of the mall and his head slammed into a table. As soon as authorities arrived on the scene, they began treating him for head trauma.

Martin was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he received additional treatment. Sadly, the trauma that he suffered from the fall was too intense, and he was later pronounced dead.

Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin said, “It’s quite a big drop. Anybody who has been to the Providence Place mall in the food court, you see the two escalators going up to the movie theater and Dave & Buster’s, you know how high that is.”

Martin had been a longtime guitarist in Massachusetts’ “grindcore” scene. Grindcore combines punk, metal, and rock. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Martin played with several different bands, many of which were considered highly controversial. In fact, some of his former band names are so controversial that they are not even appropriate for a Faith Family America site! While his music was not edifying, the loss of any life is tragic, especially when it involves a freak accident.

According to the police, the death appears to be accidental. However, they do plan on reviewing the surveillance footage made available in order to find out any additional information.

Maj. Lapatin said, “It’s a death. So any death, you know we take to the extreme in our investigation and we have to make sure if it’s accidental, it’s accidental.”

PEOPLE noted that two other similar situations took place at the Providence Mall in the past. One woman fell from the escalators in 2004 and died, while another man fell several years later but survived the fall.

Please be praying for Martin’s family during this time as they navigate through this sudden loss. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, a 54-year-old actress just announced that she is pregnant with her fifth child and showed off her baby bump!