JUST IN: Replacement for Sen. John McCain Revealed

September 04, 2018Sep 04, 2018

On Saturday, August 25, Republican Senator John McCain passed away. The 81-year-old had been battling a rare form of brain cancer. Only a few days prior to his death, McCain's family had revealed that he would be going off of his cancer treatment. 

In the wake of Sen. McCain's death, grief swept the nation. Thousands of people, including top politicians, took to social media to share tributes about the six-decade public servant. In the grieving, one question was still prominent: who would be replacing McCain's Senate seat? 

Initially, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey revealed that he would not be talking about his successor pick until after Sen. McCain was laid to rest. According to state law, the governor has the responsibility of appointing someone to the open Senate seat following a death. 

Now, according to Fox News, Cindy McCain has revealed that former Republican Sen. Jon Kyl will be returning to Capitol Hill to take over McCain's seat. Cindy took to social media to make the announcement.

According to previous reports, Governor Ducey's pick would serve in the open seat until 2020, at which point a special election will be held to determine who will be in the seat for the remainder of McCain's term through 2022. 

Jon Kyl was previously listed as one of the frontrunners for the seat. Other options were Cindy McCain, former House member John Shadegg, and former House member Matt Salmon. Additionally, some reports listed Kirk Adams,  state treasurer Eileen Klein,  member of the state Board of Regents Karrin Taylor Robson, and former U.S. ambassador to Finland, Barbara Barrett.

What do you think about former Senator Jon Kyl returning to the Senate? Let us know! In other recent news, Nike is under major fire for their recent Colin Kaepernick deal.