Jon Hamm Slams RHOBH’s Erika Jayne for Not Returning $750k Earrings

Unexpected hot take. Jon HammOne of the most recent celebrities to call out Erika Jaynefor her role in the earrings drama that was shown on recent episodes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“You just want to shake her and go, ‘Honey, they were never yours — give them back,’” the Mad Men alum, 51, said on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday, September 19.

Hamm, 51, slammed the reality star for not returning the $750,000 diamond earrings that her estranged husband gave her. Tom GirardiShe gave her the allegedly stolen settlement money.

On the two previous episodes of The Talk, jewelry was a hot topic of conversation. RHOBH, which aired on September 7And 14, respectively, as Erika’s cast mates Crystal Kung Minkoff and Kyle Richards questioned her holding on to the diamonds and her perceived lack of empathy for Tom’s past clients.

Jon Hamm and Erika Johnson
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While considering the value of the earrings — which Erika proceeded to wear during the most recent episode as the ladies vacationed in Aspen — Hamm then questioned the accessory’s value.

“And then I can’t quite get … are they $750,000 earrings? Or is it $750,000 per earring?” the Missouri native asked, to which host Howard Stern replied that he didn’t know.

The actual value of the luxury items — which were purchased back in 2007 —didn’t faze Hamm as he reaffirmed: “Give ‘em back.”

The Report actor isn’t the only Hollywood star who chimed into the RHOBH discourse. Promoting her new drama, Causeway at the Toronto International Film Festival Jennifer LawrenceWe were open and honest about the Bravo series.

“Not a great season, but I’ll finish it. [My costar, Bryan Tree Henry], and I have quit Dubai and we’re done with Dubai,” the Oscar winner told VarietySeptember 10, “My biggest problem with this season [is] that it’s just been boring. Erika is evil, I believe. I would go as far as to say she needs a publicist ASAP.”

Erika however, took the opportunity to fire back at the Winter’s BoneActress during Wednesday, September 14th episode of Andy Cohen Live: Watch What Happens.

“This video dropped of Jennifer Lawrence — who is a huge Housewives fan — calling you evil and saying you need a publicist,” host Andy CohenBe informed Pretty Mess author during the episode, asking her, “What was your reaction when you saw that?”

“Well, you know, it’s easy to label people when they are at their absolute lowest going through something in real time on television,” Erika replied. “But anytime that she would like to come on down and mix it up with us, I’m sure that we could unmask the ugly parts of her personality, as well.”