JoJo, Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Reunion With Luke Pell Explained

Luke Pell, Jordan Rodgers, and JoJo Folletcher.
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A Bachelor Nation reunion! Fans might be surprised to see! Luke Pell — one of JoJo Fletcher‘s final four — at her brother’s wedding, but it turns out that the former Bachelorette contestant’s fiancée, Amanda Mertz, has a connection with the family.

“It was really cool. It was a full-circle moment, I think for all of us,” Pell exclusively told Us Weekly, noting that Mertz and Fletcher “have become friends” through attending the former Bachelorette’s brother Ben Patton’s now-wife’s Bachelorette party in Cabo. “They were both bridesmaids and spent some time together. And, then, you know, obviously, I’ve seen JoJo and Jordan [Rodgers] through the years at certain events and stuff that involved Bachelor Nation.”

Fletcher chose Rodgers during the 2016 season of ABC’s series, and the twosome were married earlier this year. Pell was also engaged to Mertz in Italy earlier in the month.

“We’re all close and we love each other and we’re excited for each other and able to support each other,” Pell continued. “JoJo and Jordan’s wedding was just, like, a month or almost two months ago. So it was cool to just, you know, get to catch up with them and hear about everything that they’ve been doing lately.”

Luke Pell Explains Reunion With JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers at Her Brother's Wedding

Luke Pell and Amanda Mertz, Jordan Rodgers, JoJo Fletcher.
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The newlyweds took a selfie with Pell who shared the story. Use that the moment was not awkward “at all,” at the wedding this summer.

He added: “It was great. The entire wedding party ended up in the swimming pool by the end of the night.”

Following his stint on Fletcher’s season, Pell appeared on Bachelor Winter GamesShortly dated Nastassia “Stassi” Yaramchuk.

“It’s such a roller-coaster for every cast member that goes through that experience of being on a reality dating show of any kind and especially The Bachelor,” Pell told Use. “Everybody, I think, has their own path after the show’s over that they have a choice to make. And say, ‘Well, do you want to continue being a serial, reality TV star and continuing to pursue more TV shows and enjoy just that part of life? Or do you want to continue pursuing a relationship and moving into the next season of your life — starting a family and those types of things.’ For me, I feel so confident in the place I’m at now after having experienced going through that portion of my life.”

The next steps for Pell include moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, with his fiancée and planning their nuptials.

“We’re leaning toward doing it on our ranch in Texas,” he said, adding that the couple are “shooting for spring of ’23.”

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