Watch this Long Lost Video Interview of John 'The Duke' Wayne Before YouTube Takes It Down

October 12, 2018Oct 12, 2018

John Wayne is a true American hero. He is an iconic figure that was the epitome of a "man's man" during his day. He was extremely patriotic and loved his country.

Now, a long-lost interview has surfaced of John Wayne. We are trying to spread the word to all of his fans so they can watch it before it is potentially censored by YouTube.

"A foreign journalist interviewed 'the Duke' in 1974, five years before his death, and the video has been garnering some views since it was posted to YouTube two years ago — 1.2 million and counting," reported Western Journal.

The interview is very timely. Wayne talks about politics, liberation, civil rights, and racism. It is truly something to listen to.

"However, based on the straightforward manner in which Wayne answered the reporter’s questions — answers that would certainly be deemed politically incorrect by the left today — there’s no telling how much longer this short clip will remain up before the powers that be decide to toss it down the memory hole," reported Western Journal.

Take a peek at the interview below. It is so great to see John being so open and honest about his beliefs and opinions!

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