John Piper WEIGHS IN On Christians Still Using TARGET Bathrooms

May 16, 2016May 16, 2016

Target's open bathroom policy has been getting a lot of attention in the past few weeks, and for pastor and author John Piper, it hits especially close to home with the company's headquarters just blocks away from where he lives.

On his Desiring God podcast today, Pastor Piper answered his listeners' repeated question: Would you use a Target mens room?


To answer the question, Piper first drove to the heart of the transgender push in America. He referred to what he calls "probably the most destructive sentence the [Supreme] court has ever spoken" when Justice Anthony Kennedy said, “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

"For this principle to hold," Piper explained, "liberty is the right to define one’s own existence. God must be excluded from the picture, because what it means to be God is that God defines for us the nature of our existence."

In other words, living your life based on your "gender identity" rather than the gender God gave you means pushing God aside.

As for how this factors into Piper's decision to use a Target restroom, he said, "If I were there and if I had to, I would — just like I would stop on the highway if I had to."

However, he added, "I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to. And the reason I wouldn’t is because I want there to be a small act of protest and life consistency that may have no impact at all on the powers that make such decisions, but that keep my conscience clear and acknowledge God in practical affairs and give a consistency to my life that does help overall in showing the way of Christ to the world."

What do you think about his answer?