Retired Justice John Paul Stevens Changes Opinion on Kavanaugh in Shocking Statement

October 05, 2018Oct 05, 2018

Over the last few weeks, all eyes have been on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Earlier this summer, President Trump announced that Kavanaugh would be his official pick for the Supreme Court.

After the harmful accusations put forth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on the eve of his nomination, however, Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination has been questionable. This week, after a hearing and an additional FBI investigation, the Senate will vote on Kavanaugh’s fate.

Now, Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has spoken out about the nomination. Previously, Stevens had said that Kavanaugh “had the qualifications” for the Court. Now, however, Stevens’ tone has changed. On Thursday, he said that he does not think that Kavanaugh has the necessary qualifications to be on the Court.

According to reports, Stevens told a crowd at an event in Florida that Kavanaugh had disqualified himself due to the way that he acted at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. During the hearing, Kavanaugh became extremely emotional.

Stevens said, “His performance in the hearings changed my mind…The Senators should pay attention to this.”

Some reporters acknowledged that Stevens’ strong stance on this issue was surprising, given the fact the Justices have historically maintained a united front in public. Though he is retired, it is surprising that he would directly criticize a colleague.

On Thursday morning, the FBI wrapped up their seventh investigation on Kavanaugh, as requested by President Trump. No new findings were discovered in the investigation.

Now, it is up to the Senate to decide whether or not Kavanaugh will make it to the Supreme Court.

What do you think about Justice Stevens' words? Let us know your thoughts. In other recent news, a famous actress was just asked to be arrested by cops at a Kavanaugh protest.

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