Amidst Senator McCain’s Stage 4 Brain Cancer Battle, Rep. Updates Public on His Health

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has been battling brain cancer since summer of 2017. The 81-year-old senator has taken some time away from his political duties since his diagnosis and recently underwent emergency surgery to treat an intestinal infection.

Despite him staying fairly under wraps in the political scene, McCain still stays busy with other projects. The Senator and his longtime aide Mark Salter recently wrote a book together called, “The Restless Wave,” which will be released on Memorial Day of 2018.

Salter appeared on CBS News Monday morning to talk about McCain’s new book, and additionally, give an update to the public regarding the Republican Senator’s health.

“He’s doing well,” Salter began. “He got out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago after an operation and he’s working really hard at getting strong.”

Salter, who last saw McCain roughly one week before this interview, continued, "He was in good spirits, cracking jokes. His nurses, some of them are new, they don't really know him, so they don't understand that sarcasm is his form of affection."

McCain’s new book is titled after the “Eternal Father” hymn. One of the co-hosts touched on the fact that the title is so fitting because McCain’s life has been defined by “restlessness.” Salter agreed, “Very much so and only God can still it.”

Watch the video below for more information on McCain’s health:

On Monday morning, Salter also appeared on the “The View,” where he revealed it was an emotional time when he found out McCain was officially diagnosed. He also discussed some prime moments following McCain’s diagnosis including McCain traveling to the Senate floor just days after the hard news and McCain’s controversial remarks about Joe Lieberman.

Watch Salter’s interview on “The View” below:

Please continue to pray for Senator John McCain and his family during this time. In more uplifting news, Prince Harry stunned Royals fans with what he whispered to his beloved wife before they exchanged vows.

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