John McCain Reveals His Biggest Regret, Conservatives Are Furious

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

According to The New York Times, Sarah Palin is John McCain's biggest regret. In his upcoming book, "The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and other Appreciation," he revealed that he wished he hadn't chosen her as his running mate.

At the urging of his advisers, McCain ran with Republican and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee during the 2008 election. However, he wishes he had chosen former Senator Joseph Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.

Reportedly, McCain continued to defend Palin’s performance in the book, but he still would have preferred Lieberman. He chose Palin over Lieberman because he was once a Democrat and he feared Lieberman’s support of abortion rights could divide Republicans.

“It was sound advice that I could reason for myself,” he writes. “But my gut told me to ignore it and I wish I had.”

In a new HBO documentary, McCain repeated his regrets about Lieberman, calling it “another mistake." Lieberman told the Times that he didn’t know McCain felt that way.

He added, “It touched me greatly."

There's no comment from Sarah Palin about McCain's statement. Conservatives aren't happy with his decision to voice his unhappiness with Palin.

Mark Levin tweeted, "A little class would go along way. To say something like this now is truly mean."

Others also voiced their disapproval.

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