John McCain Takes Another Bold Action Against Obamacare Repeal

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

The most notable setback to the Republican Obamacare repeal effort came in July of this year. In the dark morning hours of July 28, Senator John McCain, still recovering from surgery, made his way into the Senate Chamber. He raised up his hand and put his thumb downward, signaling that he was a "no" vote on a skinny repeal of Obamacare.

This outraged conservatives of all stripes. Those who wanted to strip federal funding to abortion and Planned Parenthood were furious, and fiscal conservatives who have wanted to repeal Obamacare for several years were shocked. 

Now, John McCain is doing it again. He is taking another bold step against Obamacare repeal. On Friday, Senator McCain announced that he will vote against the latest GOP effort to repeal Obamacare. This announcement might potentially doom the legislation since the vote is expected to be very close, especially with a couple Tea Party Senators like Rand Paul voting 'no' on the bill, which they consider to be "Obamacare Lite."

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried," he said according to The Hill

Of course, the Obamacare replacement bill introduced by these four Republican senators doesn't just deal with abortion and Planned Parenthood, a particular aspect of the bill covered here at Faith, Family, America. It also spends money on Medicaid Expansion, Obamacare tax credits, cost-sharing subsidies and health plan dollars.

Moreover, the bill provides states with regulatory flexibility to lower premiums and expand coverage. It also ends Obamacare's individual and employer mandates, as well as the medical device tax. 

Senate rules provide just over one more week to pass the bill with a simple majority. The bill was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (John McCain's best friend in the Senate), Bill Cassidy, Dean Heller, and Ron Johnson. Former Senator Rick Santorum accompanied the senators as they announced the bill last week.

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