Beloved Hollywood Actor Defends Himself for Not Standing 'Fast Enough' for U.S. Troops

May 23, 2019May 23, 2019

Hollywood actor John Cusack has been a legendary film star for years. His super successful career has spanned decades and he has fans around the nation.

However, Cusack is now making headlines for his actions during a recent Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. During the game, the organization decided to honor military veterans and service members and have fans stand to show respect. Cusack was spotted in his seat while other fans were on their feet.

Twitter quickly filled with accusations about the actor disrespecting the military. Now, Cusack is speaking out about the incident. He says there is a different side to the story. He says he did stand but that is simply wasn't "fast enough" for the person taking the photo.

In another post he clarified that he supports the troops and wants them to come home. "Being anti war - is pro troops - pro human -" he added, according to Fox.

Cusack has openly opposed the Trump administration. He also made a comedy that was critical of the Iraq war in 2008. Some feel he wasn't being sincere when he stood to honor the troops.

"The 'Say Anything' actor has been a vocal critic of the president and has called for his impeachment and removal from office, according to The Hill. 'Trump. Wraps himself in the us flag - literarily hugs it . You think he’s a patriot?' he asked rhetorically on Twitter Wednesday," according to Fox.

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