Joey Feek’s Hometown Honors Their Famous Daughter, Continues To Pray

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March 03, 2016Mar 03, 2016

The heartbreaking story of Joey Feek’s battle with terminal cancer has deeply touched the hearts and lives of people across the country and the world.

Outpouring of prayers and support for her and her family have taken over social media, and rightfully so.  Joey and her husband Rory have shown the world the true meaning of faith and love during this devastating time.

According to a recent update by Rory, Joey has made her peace with God, said goodbye to her family and has fallen into a “sleep.”  It is estimated that she only has days left to live unless there is a miracle.

While Heaven awaits their newest angel, she is being remembered here on earth for her fighting spirit, incredible talent, and beautiful personality. 

In this recent newscast, residents of Alexandria, Indiana remember Joey as a hard worker, leader, and overall inspiration.  Please join with them in praying for the Feek family.