Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump Over DACA Ruling

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

Just moments after Former President Barack Obama issued a highly critical statement against President Trump, Former Vice President Joe Biden joined in. Both Obama and Biden are highly critical of Trump's recent decision to end certain protections for DREAMers currently living in America, who will now have much of their federal legal protections removed. 

Biden called Trump's decision "inhumane," "cruel," and un-American.

It was announced on Tuesday that Trump had rescinded the program earlier in the morning. DACA protects roughly 800,000 illegal young people from deportation. These protections, originally started under the Obama Administration, will expire as early as March 6 for DACA recipients unless Congress acts.

Here is Biden's full statement:

"Imagine a young girl, age 4 or 5, traveling with her parents into the United States as they make the hard decision to pursue a better life here. Imagine that child growing up as your student, your co-worker, your friend. Because of the president's decision today, she now must live in fear that she will soon be thrown out and sent back to a country she has never known.

This story speaks to the experience of roughly 800,000 people known as DREAMers here in America today. These children didn't choose to come here, but now many of them are grown with families of their own. They're paying taxes. They've joined the workforce. They went to college. Some of them joined the military. Now, they'll be sent to countries they don't even remember.

These people are all Americans. So let's be clear: throwing them out is cruel. It is inhumane. And it is not America. Congress and the American people now have an obligation to step up and show our neighbors that they're welcome here, in the only place they've ever called home."

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