Joe Biden Joins Forces with Lady Gaga to Combat Sexual Assault

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

Sexual assault has been in the news lately. Ever since the New York Times broke the story about how Harvey Weinstein has harassed the leading ladies of Hollywood, men and women have been coming forward in droves to share their own stories of abuse.

The entertainment industry seems to be falling apart. All these reports reveal how systemic the issue is within Hollywood.

Lady Gaga—a sexual assault survivor—teamed up with former Vice President Joe Biden to try to combat the issue. They released a PSA as part of the “It’s On Us” campaign, reported CNN. 

"Lady Gaga has been the voice for people who have been forgotten, the people who have been abused—until it happens to you," said the former VP in a video shared on Lady Gaga's Twitter account Wednesday.

"Well, it happened to her, and she's shown enormous courage and we want to make it real clear: It's on us, it's on everyone to intervene to stop abuse when they see it and when they hear about it to intervene."

Lady Gaga told the camera that as a survivor, she understands the effect, the aftermath, and the trauma.

“It can be terrifying waking up every day feeling unsafe in your own body. But we’re here to remind you that it's important to reach out to someone in your life that you can trust, and to know that they will be there to help you."

This isn’t the first time Biden and Lady Gaga have appeared together to combat abuse. During the 2016 Oscars ceremony, Biden appeared in a telecast to introduce Lady Gaga's performance of her song, "'Til it Happens to You," an original song about sexual assault.

Biden has also been an outspoken proponent for campus sexual assault awareness, leading the Obama administration's efforts to urge greater awareness of the topic, reported CNN.

In the 1990s, Biden, as a senator, also authored legislation that put penalties on violence against women. He also tried to reduce the backlog of untested rape kits around the U.S.

In other news, a veteran journalist was just fired after multiple women came out to accuse him of sexual harassment. 

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