Jobless Man Tells Wife To Stop Buying Formula Instead Of Dropping Netflix, Plus More Tales Of Revenge And Scandal

Some of life’s most outrageous stories exist online and thanks to internet forums like Reddit, we’ve got access to some of the best stories ever told. One tale had a babysitter calling police to report a mom who was late for her return, but she was unsure if this was the right path. 

Another story relates what happened when an unemployed man told his wife to stop buying baby food and cancel the Netflix subscription she has been paying for. Our last story focuses on a dispute between two mothers over allergies and a birthday cake.

Who’s in the right and who took matters too far? These Reddit stories feature people pushed to the edge, so it’s no wonder that emotions were running high, leading to some questionable decisions.

Babysitter Calls Police On Mom Who Was Late–Wonders If She Was In The Wrong

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A babysitter had to make a difficult decision after a mother she sat for repeatedly showed up late, disrupting the sitter’s plans on multiple occasions. The mom and the babysitter had an agreement in writing that the mom would be home by 9pm on the last night. The babysitter called the police when midnight passed without the mother answering her phone or showing up.

The sitter was awakened by a panicked phone call at 3:00 AM. Click here to see the ending and learn why the babysitter wanted proof that she wasn’t wrong in calling the police.

Girl’s Best Friend Rushed To Hospital, Her Mom Accused Of Exacting Twisted Revenge

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Our next story will feature two mothers who prefer beef to birthday cake. These moms’ daughters, who we call Emma and Kat, were the best of friends and happened to have opposite allergies. Emma was allergic to strawberries, while Kat had a nut allergy which prevented her from eating Nutella. Kat’s birthday party featured a strawberry theme that left Emma unable to eat any birthday cake. When Emma’s birthday came around, her mom baked her a Nutella cake that Kat mistakenly ate. 

The sweet treat landed the little girl in the hospital and enraged her mom so much that she accused Emma’s family of purposefully making Kat sick out of revenge. Want more details? For more information, click this link

Unemployed Husband Says Wife Should Give Up Buying Formula, Instead Of Canceling Netflix

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Our final story is about a dispute between a husband-wife. The husband is unemployed and stays home with the couple’s toddler and new baby while the wife works. She sat down and went over the family’s budget and decided to cancel her husband’s streaming services in order to cut down on their monthly spending. After hearing her plans, her husband made a counter suggestion about where they should cut back. This led to a huge fight.

Click here to see the reaction of the wife when her husband suggested that she stop buying baby food formula in favor of cancelling his Netflix subscription.