Joanna Gaines 'Couldn't Be Prouder' of Her Husband For What He Just Did

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

Joanna Gaines couldn't be prouder of her husband. Chip Gaines just ran his first marathon, and he did it wearing a tool belt.

"Couldn't be prouder of you," wrote Joanna on a photo she posted on Twitter.

Back in January, Chip announced that he was in training to run his first-ever marathon. Chip ran 26.2-mile, and he crossed the finish line with a smile on his face.

Chip not only ran in the marathon. He and Joanna also served as the hosts of Silo District Marathon, which 6000 other runners from around the world. The marathon raised money to fund research on rare cancers via the Brave Like Gabe Foundation. The foundation is in honor of Chip's friend Gabe Grunewald, a mid-distance runner who's been battling cancer since 2009.

Before the marathon, Joanna posted about Chip's motivation: "It all started with a lofty goal that he first considered while writing his book Capital Gaines," shared Joanna. "Then last October Chip randomly ran into @gigrunewald in Central Park where she shared some of her story. It was then that Chip was inspired to take this goal of running a marathon and turn it into something bigger: raising money and awareness for rare cancer research."

She concluded, "Chip, I couldn't be prouder of you. I am thankful for your big heart and big vision. Go get 'em this weekend, and you better believe I'll be the first in line at the finish to give you the biggest hug! #yourbiggestfan #yougotthis #26.2miles"

Joanna chronicled the marathon on her Instagram story. She shared pictures of his running with his daughters, Ella and Emmie Kaye, at various times in the race. She also shared inspirational messages to her husband.

Joanna, who's pregnant with the couple's fifth child, watched the run from the comfort of a golf cart.

Good for Chip! Have you ever run a marathon? Let us know in the comments. In other news, John McCain just revealed his biggest regret and Conservatives are FURIOUS. 


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